Im hungry

It’s been a while since my last post. Honestly, I haven’t had that much time to sit down and think. I’ve been anticipating a few things this past few weeks. Which makes me restless at times. I hope that in the days and months to come, whatever God has in store for me would be for the best…. I bought another hoodie. Stipes again and long sleeves. I don’t care if its summer, it still looks good. I’m feeling weird this past couple of days.




I would like to reiterate what I told a friend before — I’m a spontaneous person. And I find this perspective quite intruiging and interesting. For one thing, a lot of unexpected things have been occurring recently which I can’t explain. Yet I like it. Just like what happened today. I thought I had no more load and anticipated a “check operator” message but lo and behold, I still had P60…. the weird thing is…. I didn’t ask anyone for load. Hindi ako nagpaload, o nagpapasa…. there wasn’t any text message confirming me that I was given that amount. It still bugs me how I could’ve had credits.

And this afternoon, our computer finally worked. It’s been under maintennace for 3 days due to technical reasons: the mouse isn’t working, the desktop isn’t starting, the Cpu couldn’t detect the hard drive, and our anti-virus expired 2 days ago… and with that wide array of technological misfits, I was afraid I’d have to let go of all those precious files I’ve been saving. But unexpectedly, it worked….which is why I’m able to update today… it just…worked! It may seem bizaare but it’s true…. I think somebody up there loves me…. ^___^ I participated in the yearly “crusada” to give my thanks and prayers for the blessings we’ve recieved and for giving us the courage to face our challenges… =)

To be honest, I feel genuinely happy. And that’s a moment of sincerity. I feel like I’ve been given the one thing I’ve been wishing for which took me years to finally achieve. Nuff said…. ^___^ I’m hearing the waves of the ocean….. can’t wait for my favorite season to arrive…..  Photobucket

IBS attack

I want to say that my mom’s birthday was a happy one. The day started off with us attending mass at the newly opened parish near Sm. That place made my wishes come true. Then I treated mom to lunch. I was having a hard time thinking of a gift. I figured why not eat out and celebrate..  ^___^ Happy birthday mama!
I promised a friend I’d post this… so here it is… ^__^  I had this one tailored to suit me, it’s from my tita. It’s still quite large for me, but I fancy the color.

I found this black & white blouse while strolling around town. I got this little gem while no one seems to be interested in it. It seems my IBS (Impulsive Buying Syndrome) is acting up again….. I have to save up. ^__^  .. sheeesh..

 I also found dad’s old vinyl records hidden in my closet. It was a 1922 compilation album…. heck, Bill Cosby’s in it… XD… For some reason I love old stuff. It provides me with a glimpse into the life of my beloved dad and lola whom i miss dearly. =)

And lastly, I got this blue top this morning… sa ukay… ^__^ haha, (kya laking tipid)… It’s perfect for the summer. I tried to pair it with my white turtle neck out of amusement. For some reason it reminded me of the movie Heavenly Forest. Oh well, the asian-fever must be kicking in. XD

Ciao for now… ^__^

Luau Nite

Today I woke up at 10am. Oh dear…. Last night we went to the hawaiian birthday party I mentioned before. The experience was overwhelming. People were adorned in floral attire. There were hula girls ready to welcome you at the gate, with matching “aloha” greeting. And let’s not forget the lei (flower necklace) they put around your neck. And seafood….that was the first time I ate oysters. Thank goodness I didn’t get any stomach aches…


                       Photobucket                                                     Photobucket Photobucket

There was hula dancing and an intermission number by a man playing with fire. I loved the hawaiian music thingy…. bongos and drums…. weeee….. and the dessert? they’re all sugar-free. So I undulged in crepes, the mountainous cream puffs, cakes, chocolates….. heben!.….. I drank what appears to be a cold blue concoction… juice? cocktail?…. di ko alam… haha… >_< I realized how much of a beach lover I am. Maybe someday I could celebrate like this too…… haaaay… libre nmn mangarap… I miss the scent of the beach already, even though its still January…..

The other day I ate another bowl of shin ramen and tried their packed stir-fry noodles… I think I prefer the ramen. I’ve been having an intake of gastronomical wonders this past few days from nibbling on fried squid, to gulping ice cold oysters and sipping red hot chili ramen….. I like it…. ^__^ Mom’s birthday is next Sunday. I want to make her day special but I don’t have any ideas yet. I want to make her happy and surprise her…

After finding dad’s old binoculars, I started wondering what kind of life dad had during his younger years. He must be an outdoor-man =) … I saw his old aviator shades in the drawers, even a cowboy hat. I really miss my dad especially when summer looms around. Diving on weekends back in the day was something I always anticipated. He’d show me an assortment of deep sea fishes……. and I remember he had some vinyl records … I wonder where that is…. daddy, miss na kita. =)

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